CNC Machining Fast Turnaround High Precision CNC Turning and Milling

CNC Machining

Rem-Tech Industries offers custom CNC machining services for sleeves, shafts, pump rings, metal seal faces, compression units, food processing equipment parts, and other components.

We specialize in quick turnaround CNC and manual turning and milling of super alloys and hard to machine materials including Stainless Steel alloys, Super Duplex, Titanium, Inconel and Hastelloy.

Rem-Tech relies on an optimal work flow to provide fast response times. Eight-hour turnaround for low volume machining of components is normal at our facility.

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Zirconium 702
Titanium Impeller
Monel 400 Separator
Cooling Jacket Gland
Circulating Feature
316SS Double Flange
Split Part
Steel Tube Sheet
Steel Chuck Body
Super Duplex 255
Cast Iron Chamber
Super Duplex Sleeve
Water Pump
Cast Iron
Cast Iron Cover
316SS Circulating Feature

Machining Capabilities

Machine Type Qty Description Max Capacity Max Capacity (L) Max
Lathe - CNC 10 Up to 4 Axis 34" ⌀ 80" 4" ⌀ Thru Spindle
Lathe - Manual 4 2 Axis 26" ⌀ 80" 4" ⌀ Thru Spindle
Milling Machines - CNC 8 Up to 5 Axis(swing diameter 31") X Axis 64" Y Axis 32" Z Axis 30"
Milling Machines - Manual 5 3 Axis X Axis 52" Y Axis 16"
Saws 3 Band Saw 20" ⌀ - -
Grinders - Surface 2 Surface Grinder X-Axis 12" Y-Axis 24" -
Grinders - Precision 2 Vertical Spindle 12" Ø 6" -
Grinders - OD/ID 4 OD/ID Grinder Ø 24"OD/30"ID 60" -
Lapping 1 Face Lapping 10" Ø 12" -
Thermal Spray 1 F-4 Plasma Gun 30" Ø 36"
1 JP-5000 HVOF Gun (Kerosene) 30" Ø 36"
Static Leak Testing 1 Test Bench Up to 6000 psi.
PMI (XRF) Non-Destructive Material Testing 1 Niton XRF gun (X-Ray Flourescence Analysis) - used to evaluate/validate chemical composition of parts or materials
Metrology 1 MITUTOYO CMM Capacity 16"W X 16"LX12"H & 20" Ø
1 MAHR Surface Roughness Tester Ra, Rz, Rmax
1 MAHR RCF (Profile) Gauge Dynamic Roundness, Concentricity, Flatness measurement
1 MITUTOYO Hardness Tester Various Hardness Scales
1 GV METROLOGIA (SHIMANA) Universal pre-setting gauge 19.68" Length
Special Processes through strategic partnerships Heat Treating
EDM - both Wire and Ram
Plating/Coatings - NCB, Oxide Finishes
Laser Cutting
Gear Cutting
Pressure Vessel Welding
Welding and fabricating Steel and Stainless steel